4th of that project + company

For the second consecutive year,  translations has participated in the project 4th ESO+EMPRESA, in which students of 4th ESO spend some days with us plunging into the world of translation.

For a few hours I have accompanied these students sharing with them my day to day. This has been my experience.

We prepare a planning in order to ensure that during their stay they had the opportunity to meet most of the functions which plays a translator, as well as other people working in other departments.

First I want to talk about the most important of all, what really matters here: Yes, went it well, very well; our work loved them. And more importantly, learned a lot and left with the certainty that those three days were something more than a simple visit. This is further proof that the work environment is something more important it can be to think.

Corresponded to begin activities with them. Not having done this ever, was a little nervous. But it turns out that I think that I enjoyed more than them! He was asked to introduce various functions that we carry out transcription and layout team.

Everything was as silk, starting by teaching them to manage, basic, software with which we read various documents for subsequent editing. They didn’t have any problem. Later, we saw the program that we use the transcribers and some examples. Missing something, you might think. No you misunderstand, it is missing something, but I wanted to leave it to the end: the figures. This was, without a doubt, what liked most of all what we did, and the truth is that you given quite well. Since they showed so much interest I decided to focus more on this work and spend more time. Them both interested that, throughout the three days, more than once asked me if would do more figures.

But they not only looked at my apartment, went by and learned by everyone else: technical, commercial, quality, management, translation,…